Tried & Tasted: Rocky Rice Bars

There are few snacks under 100 calories that are genuinely satisfying – and even fewer that contain a decent hit of chocolate. Thankfully, the chocolate-coated puffed rice bars from Rocky Rice offer exactly that.

Simply made from puffed brown rice and a rich chocolate shell, each 18g rectangular bar is gluten-free and fully coated in your choice of milk chocolate, strawberry milk chocolate or dark chocolate and orange. It’s essentially a souped-up rice cake, and it’s this paired-back combination of crispy rice and creamy chocolate that makes for such a successful snack.

Is it the most indulgent chocolate bar out there? No – but it’s not trying to be either. These offer just enough sweetness to satisfy your sweet tooth, while cramming in a good few mouthfuls of crave-worthy crunch – without all the calories.

Our favourite is the Dark Chocolate & Orange, but to be honest the simplicity of the ingredients means you really can’t go wrong with any of the three flavours. It’s a rice cake revolution, and we’re seriously big fans.

Click here to order online or find your nearest stockist



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