Tried & Tasted: Fori meat bars

Offering a savoury alternative to traditional sugar-laden snack bars, Fori bars are a high-protein, grain-free snack, made from the finest grass fed or free range meat, dried fruit and seeds.

Fori describe themselves as the ‘love child of premium jerky and a top notch granola bar’, and their products are not only Paleo-friendly but suitable for anyone with a wheat, gluten or lactose intolerance. We’ve all read the memo on the dangers of eating too much sugar, and while cutting out refined sugar and finding alternative sweeteners is all well and good, the majority of other low-sugar snack bars are still unsettlingly sweet-tasting. Not here: this is a properly meaty, savoury snack with seriously macho branding.

The whole thing really is very caveman – and it certainly won’t be for everyone. Inspired by the diets of our ancestors, these are no-nonsense snack bars and meat is very much the star of the show. From the Moroccan Lamb with Apricot & Date to the Thai Turkey with Chia Seeds and Lemongrass, each bar is bursting with flavour and first-class ingredients – just don’t be put off by the look of the thing.

It’s actually the texture of the bars that’s the most surprising. More like a meat loaf or beanie burger than your typical crunchy cereal bar, they’re so soft and patty-like we even tried ours as a sort-of supercharged sandwich filling.

The storage instructions say to keep them somewhere cold and dry, which isn’t always doable when on-the-go, and personally we preferred them chilled and slightly hardened, the taste of warm meat slightly off-putting when they’ve been left in a bag too long.

Because this is both the downside and brilliance of Fori bars. They’re not like anything else on the market – and this can be difficult to get your head around. It’s filling but not exactly crave-inducing, and they’re so far removed from a bag of crisps or conventional cereal bar you really can’t group them together in the same snack category. Not that we imagine they’d want to be anyway.

Find out more and online here.


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