Tried & Tasted: Riso Gallo Risotto & Pasta

From popular Arborio to the superior, starchy grains of Carnaroli, Riso Gallo have been producing exceptional quality rice since 1856 – and there really is something for everyone.

Take its quick-cook range of Risotto Pronto – available from £1.99 in Asparagus, Three Cheese and Porcini Mushroom – and microwavable Risotto Expresso, also available from £1.99 in Three Cheese and Mushroom.

With the just-add-water Risotto Pronto ready in 12 minutes and the Risotto Expresso ready in two, in acknowledging that not all of us have time to labour over the perfect risotto the company is living out its mission ‘to spread the culture of rice and risotto throughout the world by using innovation that constantly adapts to the needs of the modern consumer’.

That’s not to say they’ve given up on the proper stuff altogether. Far from it. Their respect for risotto is unrivalled, with a range of Italian white and speciality risotto rice that continues to be one of the most extensive out there – and the quality of the grains really is evident in every mouthful. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an arborio that produces a risotto as rich, creamy and unctuous as this, while the Venere black rice not only looks fabulously striking, it tastes pretty extraordinary too – and, quite wonderfully, it does actually smell like freshly baked bread.

Not that they stop at rice and risotto. Recently the brand launched a new range of wholemeal gluten-free pasta, which was recently shortlisted for the 2017 Free From Food Awards.

Made from a combination of three different grains – rice, maize and buckwheat – it’s earthier than other single-grain, gluten-free pastas, with better bite and a more traditional al dente consistency.

The taste and texture is consistent across the four different shapes (spaghetti, penne, fusilli and tortiglioni), but if we had to pick a favourite it would be the less common Tortiglioni, priced at £1.99 per 250g. Its simple tube shape and spiral scoring perfectly soaked up the creamy mushroom sauce we paired it with, bringing together all the best bits of a top-quality penne and fusilli.

Because quality really is what Riso Gallo is all about. Bringing the best Italian Risotto Rice from the best rice fields of Italy’s Po Valley, the company’s been making Italians happy for six generations – and they certainly look set to make a whole lot more people happy, for a whole lot longer. 

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