Tried & Tasted: Adam’s Raw Chocolate

Raw chocolate is the ultimate feel-good food: not only is it one of the richest sources of magnesium, it contains exceptionally high concentrations of PEA (often known as the ‘love drug’ for its ability to increase energy levels, alertness and concentration, as well as heightening libido) and Theobromine, a mild natural stimulant thought to help burn fat and boost serotonin levels.

Science aside, it’s also one of the tastiest ways to indulge on a free-from diet. Take the 100% plant-based chocolate from Adam’s Raw Chocolate.

Using a blend of natural sugars from yacon and agave plants gives this cold-pressed raw chocolate a naturally clean flavour while registering low on the Glycemic Index – that means no sugar rushes and no nasty comedowns. In fact, none of the ingredients in Adam’s Raw Chocolate are stripped back from their natural state, refined or included simply to lengthen shelf-life, resulting in a Vegan-certified product that’s suitable for anyone with a gluten or lactose intolerance.

There are four flavours currently available: Goji & Pistachio, Coconut & Banana, Hazelnut & Blackcurrant and Mint.

Both the Goji & Pistachio and Hazelnut & Blackcurrant are essentially souped-up versions of your classic Fruit & Nut, bursting with proper chunks of hazelnut or pistachio, juicy blackcurrants, sweet goji berries and a generous coating of delicious raw chocolate.

We loved the gooey chunks of banana in the more tropical Banana & Coconut, but our surprise favourite was actually the Mint: the subtlety of peppermint oil balancing out the richness of the raw chocolate, with a super-smooth consistency that also feels the most indulgent.

Because it’s certainly not cheap. Starting at £4.99 for 70g, each pouch contains six to seven decent squares of raw chocolate, with the beautifully packaged Gift Boxes priced at £12.99 for 124g. It’s expensive but it tastes it – and besides, this really isn’t any old bar of chocolate. Find out more, order online and fall in love here.


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