Tried & Tasted: Thornleys 100% Natural Recipe Mixes

It’s been almost two years since we first discovered Thornleys, and since then the 100% natural, coeliac-friendly brand has developed new sauces, new ideas and even its own penne pasta.

Take their dry powder sauce for Tuna & Pasta Bake. Moving away from the original recipe which combines 420ml milk with tuna and tinned sweetcorn, Thornleys have discovered it also works well as a tomato-based dish, by replacing the milk with passata.

The result is equally easy and just as tasty. Adding crisps as a topping is surprising given the company’s emphasis on fresh, healthy ingredients, but who’s really going to complain when they’re basically just a better breadcrumb.

We swapped the tinned sweetcorn for mushrooms and frozen peas to better suit the tomato-based sauce, and while the crisps did catch it’s that crunch and texture that really gives oomph to this otherwise simple cheese and tuna pasta bake. The pasta itself holds together well, and the penne shape perfectly lends itself towards this style of cooking. Another thumbs-up for Thornleys.

Thornleys Tuna & Pasta Bake, £2.25 (serves 2-4)
Thornleys Italian Penne Pasta, £1.95 for 300g


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