Tried & Tasted: Nom GF Oat Bars

You might already have heard of Nom thanks to their unusual flavours of gluten-free popcorn (think Tomato Pesto and Salted Maple), but now there’s a new reason to look to this 100% organic and gluten-free food company: oat bars.

Made from gluten-free jumbo oats, virgin coconut oil and various tasty superfoods, Nom bars are not only gluten-free but dairy-free, high in fibre, vegan, vegetarian and free from refined sugar.

It’s basically a healthier, tastier flapjack, using whole gluten-free oats and sunflower seeds, naturally sweetened with dates and coconut blossom syrup. At 52g, the bars are also surprisingly substantial; the slab-like shape offers more than your standard few mouthfuls, with the Protein Bar in particular packing in an impressive 25g of slow-release jumbo oats and natural pea protein.

They’re also ethical. From the cacao to the coconut oil, all imported ingredients are ethically sourced with all Nom products containing only plant-based ingredients that have been grown without exploiting animals, people or the planet. Even the packaging is recyclable wherever possible.

You can’t go wrong with the Nom Original Organic Oat Bar which combines soft Virgin Coconut Oil with sweet dates and tasty cacao nibs, and we’re are also big fans of the banana which uses dried banana powder (4%) for surprisingly natural-tasting sweetness.

All in all, it’s hard not to like the taste, texture and all-round ethos behind Nom’s new oat bars. The only slight stumbling block is the price. Available from £1.50 per bar and in boxes of 4 and 12 online, while hardly exclusive they’re not exactly cheap – but they are worth paying for. Big-name stockists include Whole Foods, Holland & Barrett and Ocado, with 467 smaller stockists nationwide. Click here to find out more. 


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