Tried & Tasted: Womersley Fruit & Herb Vinegars

Made by hand from all-natural ingredients, Womersley is a small family-run business delivering BIG fruity flavour. From Blackcurrant & Rosemary to Lemon, Basil, Bay & Juniper, each of their nine fruit and herb vinegars uses British fruit wherever possible, acclaimed by chefs as illustrious as Tom Aikens, Peter Sidwell, Stephanie Moon and Ben Spalding. Even Raymond Blanc has deemed them ‘bloody good’. And if it’s good enough for Raymond, it’s good enough for me.

Take the multiple award-winning Raspberry, which bursts with natural-tasting sweetness. Whether splashed in sparkling wine or drizzled over Yorkshire puddings, it’s no surprise why this crisp, fruity vinegar is one of Womersley’s most popular. The rich and intensely fruity flavour of the Blackberry is similarly impressive, while the Lemon, Basil, Bay & Juniper Vinegar is just as fresh and zingy as it sounds.

It’s this classic combination of sweet-and-sour that makes Womersley Fruit & Herb Vinegars not only entirely delicious but brilliantly (and surprisingly) versatile. From salads and stir fries to meat glazes and marinades, these add sharpness and full-bodied flavour to savoury recipes, with enough sweetness to act as a lively addition to cocktails and desserts. We particularly enjoyed using the sweet and herby Blackcurrant & Rosemary as a baste for roasted chicken, and found the warm, citrus flavours of the Orange & Mace an easy, seasonal way to transform simple grated carrot.

Such simplicity of ingredients is reassuring and also means Womersley vinegars are suitable for vegans, vegetarians and all of us on a gluten or nut free diet. All of the new recipes are fruiter than ever, meaning less sugar (hurrah) with RSP for the 100ml bottles around £4.85, RSP for the 250ml bottles around £7.85 and the 1 litre catering size available in kitchen friendly PET plastic bottles.

Womersley Fruit & Herb Vinegars are available online as well as in a whole bunch of fine food outlets and garden centres around the country, such as Whole Foods and Notcutts. 


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