Tried & Tasted: Mr Lee’s GF Instant Rice Noodles

Described as ‘the champagne of noodles’, Mr Lee’s is the latest posh pot noodle to hit the market, launching on Amazon later this month. It’s also our new favourite, using gluten-free flat rice noodles and real, freeze-dried ingredients to lock in all the good stuff.

There are six flavours in the range: Hong Kong Street Beef (mild) – with beef, chilli, ginger, star anise and orange peel
Penang Chicken Curry Laksa (medium) – with chicken, coconut cream, chilli and ginger
Tai Chi Chicken – with chicken, ginger, green beans and corn
Shaolin Monk Vegetables (V) – with broccoli, red peppers, green beans and cauliflower
Dragon Fire Mushroom (hot) (V) – with mushroom, paprika, chilli and Chinese five spice
Warrior Fighting Shrimp (hot) – with shrimp, paprika, chilli and seaweed

Each pot is entirely natural and 100% recyclable, while lower in calories, hydrogenated fat, sugar and salt. So what do they taste like?

Using freeze-dried over dehydrated ingredients creates a fresher and more flavoursome broth, while retaining the shape and integrity of the meat, seafood and vegetables. It’s really more like a Vietnamese pho than your average instant noodle, and – unlike any other brand of instant noodles we’ve tried – when it says it’s hot, it’s actually hot.   

Mr Lee’s Warrior Fighting Shrimp is fiery with chilli, smoky paprika and seaweed, while the vegetarian Dragon Fire Mushroom combines mushroom, paprika, chilli and Chinese five spice for an equally warming and well-seasoned broth. Dig deep for the best of the flavour (the spices are at the bottom), and leave for the recommended cooking time to allow the flat rice noodles to properly soak up the flavours of the rich, savoury base.

Traditionally made using beef stock, true pho broth is a long-simmered affair – which makes Mr Lee’s 3-minute versions even more impressive. Think beef that looks and tastes like beef, shrimp that looks and taste like shrimp, broccoli that looks and tastes like broccoli… you get the picture.

Mr Lee’s mission? To ‘help time-poor people eat better food’. And they’re not just stopping at selling the noodles online. Mr Lee’s noodles will soon be available from 24/7 instant noodle vending machines, or ‘Noodle Kiosks’, proving hot and healthy noodle ready meals in just 45 seconds.

Quick, easy and delicious, Mr Lee’s is not only the healthier option but the tastier one – we just hope they make it an affordable one.

Mr Lee’s will be launching on Amazon in the middle of August, priced at £17.94 for a 6-pack (discounts for multiple packs). Click here to find out more.


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