Eat Better Meat with Farmison & Co

The British Isles has some of the finest beef, pork, and lamb breeds in the world – but how many of us actually know where our meat come has from? 

British meat tastes better and one way to guarantee you’re getting the good stuff is with Farmison & Co. This online butchers is on a mission to make us all ‘Eat Better Meat’, encouraging traditional husbandry, heritage breeds and fair prices for all. 

Delivered fresh, not frozen, Farmison & Co deliver nationwide from the dales to your door in under 48 hours. They have the widest range of breeds and cuts in Britain, with all meat cut fresh to order. We were sent their gluten-free BBQ  box to review, which includes 10 Gluten Free Thin Sausages, 2 Ribsteak Burgers, 4 Chicken Kebabs, 4 Flat Iron Steaks and 4 Pork Ribeye Steaks. That’s a hell of a lot of meat, and makes for one hell of a good barbecue. 

Steaks in particular are notoriously difficult to get right, but one cut that’s perfect for home-cooking is the increasingly popular Flat Iron Steak.

Best served medium-rare to bring out the meat’s natural sweetness, this cut has a uniform thickness and rectangular shape which makes it the reliable choice for grilling or frying. We cooked these for 3 minutes each side, lightly basting with butter before leaving to rest for around 5 minutes. Not only did they prove to be the best steaks we’d ever cooked, but quite probably the best steaks we’d ever eaten – and costing around £2.30 each they’re also remarkably good value.

Chicken breast is another tricky customer but, again, it’s all about the quality. Farmison & Co use traditional farming techniques coupled with high welfare standards, meaning their birds plump out naturally and are grown to maturity.

Sadly the weather wasn’t quite barbecue standard for these chicken kebabs, but when lightly simmered in a coconut-based Thai Green curry sauce the chicken was deliciously tender and deep with flavour.

Back to the beef, and these Prime Beef Rib Steak burgers are as meaty and authentic as it gets.

Made in Nidderdale exclusively with heritage grass-fed beef, these generous patties are a world apart from your average supermarket burger, prepared with rib meat which boasts rich seams of marbling and results in a properly juicy, properly satisfying burger.

Sausages are another barbecue essential, and these gluten-free pork thins are quick to cook and deliciously versatile.

Made by hand with coarsely ground outdoor reared pork, fresh herbs and spices enrich the flavour of the sausage, with the high meat content (90%) making them less likely to break up when cooking. This also makes them a brilliant year-round choice, as we found in this SimplyCook recipe for Hungarian Goulash Soup.

Because Farmison & Co make pork how pork used to taste, before the onset of industrial farming. Using exclusively native breeds which boast the essential fat cover and rich succulence that other breeds simply can’t match, their hogs are also reared for longer, so as not to rush the meat, but to give the best finish possible, offering the creamy, wholesome, and nutritious qualities pork should boast.

They also know a thing or two about barbecues. ‘Meat to be cooked slowly over hot coals should have natural succulence and ample fat cover, ready to be enhanced by the low heat and smoke of the barbecue for melting tenderness and indulgent eating.’ And that’s exactly what Farmison & Co delivers. Top-quality, heritage breed meat, ready to be rubbed, marinated, or popped plain onto the grill. Summer never tasted so good.

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