Tried & Tested: Hip Pops Snacks

Containing around 50% less fat than standard potato crisps, Hip Pops are a relatively new soya and potato snack also boasting more fibre than any other leading popped snack. Not that you’d know it from the packaging. Stars, drop shadows and fonts straight out of WordArt all contribute to a bold 90s-style design that’s such a throwback to the likes of Discos, Space Raiders and Squares it’s hard to believe they’re being marketed as a healthy new snack. They’re eye-popping to say the least – but can something that looks so artificial actually be good for you? 

Available in 25g or 100g bags, each portion comes in under 100 calories with less than 11% fat and low in saturates. Four of the six lines are gluten-free (Salt & Vinegar, Barbecue, Cheese & Onion and Salt & Black Pepper), with classic combinations such as Prawn Cocktail and Cheese & Onion continuing the old-school snack theme. Thankfully, the actual ‘Pops’ are far more appealing than the packaging – lightly puffed discs of soya and potato, that actually look like the ingredients inside.

There’s not much said about how these are actually made, but in cutting out the crap Hip Pops have done a damn good job in retaining that important, crave-inducing crunch – without any of the grease or nasty aftertaste.  We particularly enjoyed the sweet tang and smokiness of the tomato-based Barbecue, and found the Salt & Vinegar deliciously salty, with a decent hit of sharp vinegar. Don’t be put off by the faintly feet-like smell of the Cheese & Onion – they taste better than they smell – nor the 25g portion-size – they’re small but surprisingly satisfying. 

So would we buy Hip Pops again? Definitely. We’ve even started to come round to the packaging. Because although Hip Pops might not look like a contemporary health food product, if you’re going to call something Hip Pop, the 90s really is where it’s at – all you have to do is pick up a bag in the first place.


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