Tried & Tested: Coconom Coconut Aminos

With the majority of brands containing wheat as their first ingredient, soy sauce is a common stumbling block for those on a gluten-free diet – with many coeliacs forced to avoid it altogether.

However, there is an alternative – and a better one at that. Coconom Coconut Aminos is 100% soy, gluten, wheat, dairy and grain free, and can be used as a direct replacement to soy sauce. Better still, Coconut Aminos contains 50% less salt and bags more nutritional value than either soy sauce or gluten-free tamari.

It’s ingredient list is simple: 100% Pure Coconut sap and natural unrefined sea salt (less than 2%), ecologically grown without pesticides or GMOs.

The natural age and fermentation process is equally encouraging; Coconom Coconut Aminos is hand made by harvesting (‘tapping’) the fresh, nutrient rich sap of the coconut tree blossom, causing no harm to the coconut tree, then simply filtered and blended with sun dried, mineral rich sea salt before it is aged and fermented over several months, where it develops a flavour profile that is strikingly similar to a traditionally brewed soy sauce.

By keeping Coconom’s coconut ingredients as close to their ‘raw’ state as possible, this means the nutritional qualities of the coconut sap are fully preserved, with Coconut Aminos boasting important minerals, B vitamins and 17 essential amino acids – 14 times the amount of naturally occurring amino acids found in soy based sauces and other amino products.

For such a naturally high source of coconut nutrition, what’s remarkable is how little it tastes like coconut. Whether used in cooking, marinating, stir-frying, seasoning or simply dipping, Coconom Coconut Aminos is barely discernible from soy sauce, and can be used in place of any your typically soy sauce based recipes.

There really doesn’t seem to be a downside. Even the higher price tag (£6.50 – £6.75 per 250 ml bottle) feels justified – you get what you pay for, and Coconom works directly with local certified farmers who are dedicated to utilising organic farming practises that protect the environment.  This further ensures all sales revenue remains in the local producing community, with Coconom having so far supported around 5,000 families across Central Indonesia. 

So where you can get your hands on some? Coconom Coconut Aminos is currently available from Planet Organic (click here to buy online), and will be exhibiting at the Natural Organics Show later this month with plans to expand soon. Exciting times for a truly exciting product.


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