Tried & Tested: Nutrii Quark

Naturally fat-free, high in protein and low in salt, sugar and carbohydrates, quark is a fresh cows’ milk cheese that’s popular across Europe as a healthy substitute for many traditionally high-fat recipes, adding richness and creaminess – without the extra calories. It really is a dieter’s dream, and yet what’s surprising is how relatively unknown quark remains in the UK.

‘In Scandinavian supermarkets the quark-shelf takes up the most space in the dairy section. No wonder everyone’s tall and well-built.’ – Akvile and Jukhani, founders of premium quark brand nutrii.

Quark is made from warming soured milk until it curdles and tastes like something of a cross between Greek yoghurt and cottage cheese – without the tang and sourness of Greek yoghurt and with less than a fifth of the calories of cottage cheese.

Available in plain, raspberry and mango & passionfruit, nutrii quark is made in Britain using Dorset milk, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and a protein content of at least 20g per pot. 

Its soft, spoonable texture means quark is often eaten like a yoghurt, and nutrii’s two fruit flavours (pictured above) are particularly enjoyable as a stand-alone snack: the raspberry more mousse-like than the creamy mango & passionfruit, both naturally vibrant and packed full of fresh-fruit flavour without being overly sweet. Each pot also comes with a spoon, making it perfect for eating at your desk or on-the-go.

As a cooking ingredient, plain-flavoured quark is surprisingly versatile. From creamy pasta sauces and curries to cheesecake, chocolate mousse and sweet or savoury soufflé, quark can be used in place of any recipe that uses soft cheese, with a mild flavour and light texture that’s also perfect for stodge-free cakes and pies.

At the moment nutrii is currently available from Whole Foods, As Nature Intended, Protein Haus and independent health stores, with plans to roll it out nationally in the near future.

Click here to find out more.


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