Tried & Tested: Elderbrook Superfood Cordials

Looking for a healthier alternative to squash, fizzy drinks and other sugar-laden drinks?

Well look no further than Elderbrook. Blending fruit and superfoods with the natural sweetness of coconut nectar, these 100% natural fruit cordial tonics make drinking water tasty, in a healthy way.

The young company is to the credit of founders, David and Craig,  who left their jobs at innocent drinks to try and ‘make water just that bit more interesting’.

‘Here at Elderbrook, we feel that cordials have lost their way a bit in recent years. We want to go back to the healthier roots of cordials by creating our very own new cordial tonic. Cordial, as in a fruit drink, and tonic, as in a way to invigorate yourself.’

Each hand-blended cordial tonic contains no processed sugar or anything artificial, and a little goes a long way –  each 50ml bottle making approximately ten 250 ml drinks (5ml cordial blended with 250ml still or sparkling water). 

What immediately sets Elderbrook apart from other soft drinks is its packaging.  Inside each gift-ready brown box is a sophisticated 50ml glass bottle that wouldn’t look out of place in any drinks cabinet. Because this is a grown-up drink in grown-up flavours: Lime, Mint & Baobab; Raspberry, Cranberry & Blueberry and Mango, Passion Fruit & Goji Berry.

The flavours are sweet but subtle, ranging from the fresh citrus zing of the Mojito-like Lime, Mint & Baobab to the more tropical warmth of the Mango, Passion Fruit & Goji Berry.

Each cordial ranges from just 12.4 to 14.3 calories and 2.3g – 2.7g sugar per serving, boasting super fruits such as goji berries (which have fifteen times as much iron as spinach) and baobab (which contains three times as much vitamin C as an orange and six times as much potassium as a banana). Fancy something a little stronger? Turn your cordials into super fruit cocktails by adding rum to the Lime, champagne to the Mango, or vodka and ice to the Raspberry. You can even use them as a low-sugar syrup for ice cream or cereal, or as a natural sweetener to marinades and sauces.

Elderbrook cordial tonics are currently sold on a subscription basis, costing £4.39 per bottle (or £10.99 for a mixed three pack) and delivered direct to your home or work. So that’s 50p a drink, without even having to leave the house. Being healthy never got so easy. 

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