Tried & Tested: Upbeat Dairy Protein Drink

The average person needs around 1g of protein for every kg of body weight – more if you exercise – with whey often hailed one of the highest-quality proteins on the planet.

Why is it important? Protein makes up about 15% of the human body and is found in every one of the trillion cells in our bodies. It’s an essential building block for our bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood, with whey protein in particular found to promote lean muscle growth and fat loss, as well as support cardiovascular health and a healthy metabolism.

Step in: Upbeat.

Containing 20g of whey protein per 250ml bottle (and less than 150 calories), Upbeat is the only protein drink made with fresh liquid protein and is not only high in protein and low in fat, but contains half the sugar of most fruit smoothies.

Available in Strawberry, Blueberry & Raspberry, Mango & Passionfruit and Chocolate & Orange, each flavour is made with British milk, real fruit and real chocolate – and it tastes like it too. Fresh, fruity flavours with a silky smooth consistency and not a whiff of protein (whatever that smells like). In fact, these are so moreishly tasty it’s easy to forget Upbeat is a protein drink at all.

Made from a combination of whey protein concentrate (77-97%), fruit puree and fruit juice from concentrate, the three fruit flavours hover between the consistency of a milkshake and a smoothie; the silky-smoothness of the Strawberry and Blueberry & Raspberry are noticeably more milky, while the more tropical Mango & Passion Fruit tastes exactly like a melted Solero Exotic ice cream. And what’s not to like about that.

At £1.75 per bottle Upbeat is also surprisingly affordable, and is even occasionally on offer from as little as £1 from its various high street stockists: Tesco, Waitrose, Boots, Holland & Barrett, Co-op and Sainsbury’s. The bottles are small but surprisingly filling, with a freshness of flavour that’s rare to find in other protein-based products. Because Upbeat really isn’t like other protein drinks. Part fresh and fruity smoothie, part creamy protein-packed milkshake – and all-together delicious. Time to feel Upbeatable.

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