Tried & Tested: PureBred

Gallagher’s is an Irish bakery that has been producing high quality breads and cakes for over forty years. Endorsed by the Great Taste and Innovation in Industry Awards, the company recently launched PureBred – a gluten-free range of natural, wholesome bread loaves and rolls which maintain Gallagher’s holistic and nutritionally balanced approach to food.

We have now combined our years of baking experience with our desire to provide great tasting and nutritionally balanced Gluten Free bread to bring you; PureBred, the bread that loves Every ‘Body’. At last, Gluten Free bread that is healthy, nutritional AND tasty!’

They’re not wrong. From sliced white and sandwich rolls to chia seed, raisin and gluten-free pancake mix, PureBred is much higher in fibre and lower in fat, calories and sugar than most other gluten-free brands – and taste-wise it’s also up there with the best. Soft, moist and surprisingly robust, this is bread that looks like real bread, smells like real bread and actually tastes like real bread too. 

Let’s start with the sliced.

There are currently four flavours available: White, Multigrain, Chia Seed and Raisin. Priced at £2.45 each, PureBred is on a par with the majority of other free-from brands but with this bread you actually get what you pay for. That means no crumbling, no cracks and crusts that don’t fall off at the slightest touch.  It’s also a decent size (400g) with high levels of fibre (8-16%) while low in fat (just 1.7% for the white, up to 2.3% for the Multigrain).

Pretty much all gluten-free breads freeze and toast well, so the real test is in its ability to make a decent sandwich.

Soft and spreadable, structurally PureBred fares well. The natural sourdough recipe gives each loaf a pleasing rustic flavour with fresh inner crumb and crunchy outer crust, while thankfully avoiding the off-putting sweetness of other leading gluten-free brands. Opt for the Multigrain or Chia Seed for a speckled and more flavourful crumb, while the soft texture and inoffensive plainness  of the White also scores high on sandwich-points.

Sandwich rolls is another area PureBred does well. Available in White and Wholegrain (£2.35 for 3), these gluten-free, wheat-free and dairy-free sub rolls follow the same sourdough recipe as the loaves and are every bit as tasty. The well-balanced combination of five grains (Linseed, Poppy, Millet, Sunflower and Pumpkin Seeds) in the Wholegrain makes it good enough to eat on its own (pretty rare for a gluten-free bread) and while this amount of flavour works well with soup and for sandwiches, sometimes all a barbeque or bacon roll needs is a good white roll to take a backseat and confidently let all that meat and ketchup shine through – which is where the Supersoft White rolls step in.

It’s all, frustratingly, positive. These are not only some of the best-tasting gluten-free breads to date, but health-wise they’re also leading the way. This not only makes the £8 delivery charge to UK Mainland difficult to swallow, but the fact that their only UK outlet is Costco really is just teasing us. The good news? PureBred are currently working with one of the large UK multiple retailers for launch in 2016.  Let’s just hope it’s one the majority of us will have heard of.

Click here to visit the PureBred website


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