Tried & Tested: Cottage Delight

Any company that’s been awarded a Great Taste Award deserves recognition, and there’s no winner more illustrious than Cottage Delight Ltd. With 147 Great Taste Awards to its name (the most ever awarded to one company), Cottage Delight is a family-run company with a passion for good food.

They’re certainly no newcomers to the world of fine food. In 1974, Nigel Cope, founder and chairman of Cottage Delight, started selling his handmade all-butter tablet fudge at his local farmers’ market. The fudge went down a storm – and so Cottage Delight was born.

Forty years later and Cottage Delight has grown to provide over 700 speciality foods (either made by hand in the heart of the Staffordshire Moorlands, or sourced from other artisan producers across the UK and Europe), stocked across the UK and in 37 countries worldwide. It’s impressive to say the least, and what’s even more encouraging is their steadfast commitment to the independent retail trade and their aim to ‘produce fine foods that everyone can enjoy’.

Combining traditional favourites with modern world produce, there’s certainly something for everyone, with their huge line of gluten-free goods another sign of the company ‘moving with the times’. True to their word, these also aren’t the sort of fine foods that require hours in the kitchen or a chef’s skill set to make the most of.

Cottage Delight Pea, Ham & Mint Risotto (£4.40) is rich and comforting with all the flavours you’d expect from this classic Italian dish, while their Spanish Paella (£4.40) – another typically attention-demanding dish – combines bahia rice infused with smoked paprika, ground garlic and saffron powder to act as the perfect traditional paella base for simply adding your own shellfish, prawns, chicken and/or chorizo. It really couldn’t be any easier, or tastier.

In continually updating the range to keep up with consumer trends, Cottage Delight might have ensured its position as a market leader in the fine food industry, but quality, heritage and taste still firmly remain at the heart of what they do. The measuring of ingredients, packing and labelling continues to be done by hand, with all ingredients clearly listed and items specifically labelled as Vegetarian and Gluten Free, where appropriate.

The majority of Cottage Delight bottled and jarred goods (eg. table sauces and jams) are all naturally gluten-free, with two notable new additions to the 2015 range a tangy Passion Fruit Extra Jam (£4.40) and a mildly spiced Moroccan Spiced Dressing (also £4.40) – the perfect summer barbecue condiment. 

Price-wise, you pay for what you get. This is high-quality gourmet food and while it may not be the cheapest option on the shelf, it’s certainly not going to leave you feeling short-changed. Portions are generous and the attractive packaging also makes Cottage Delight products an ideal gift for any foodie.

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