Tried & Tested: Morso Risotto

Having spent years making risotto in their busy London restaurants, as well as a number of festivals and outdoor events, there’s no doubting that the team at Morso know how to make an authentic risotto that can be dished up in minutes. Thankfully, they also understand that for the majority of us home-cooks, risotto is a labour of love we simply don’t have the time for.

Now, with their new company and range of easy-cook risottos, Morso Food are using their knowledge and experience to help make this Italian favourite more accessible to the masses. Available in three flavours (Fennel & Pancetta, Prawns & Leeks and Mushrooms), these are fresh restaurant-quality risottos ready to finish at home. And it really couldn’t be any easier.

After adding 150ml of water and a knob of butter, each (naturally gluten-free)  risotto takes seven minutes to cook on a hob (only four in a microwave) and is ready to serve immediately. Just like a true Italian risotto, the consistency is creamy, yet not runny, with each individual grain remaining slightly firm to the bite. As is to be expected from a product currently stocked in Selfridges, The Grocery and London’s trendy Eat 17, all of the ingredients are suitably high-end with fat slices of dried porcini and portobello mushrooms alongside succulent tiger prawns and fresh herbs. What’s even more impressive is that they actually taste as fresh and flavoursome as if they were cooked from scratch there and then.

Because this is real food, not a readymeal. No shortcuts, no nasties. Just properly wholesome, healthy and delicious comfort food that the whole family can enjoy, at home, in minutes.

Click here to find out more about Morso Food and to subscribe to their newsletter.


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