Tried & Tested: Mallow and Marsh

Early last year, Harriet Pleydell-Bouverie, founder of premium marshmallow company Mallow and Marsh, walked away from two different offers of investment from the BBC’s Dragons Den and subsequently made a name for herself as the leading brand of handmade natural-ingredient marshmallows. That same year, Mallow and Marsh picked up an impressive three Gold Stars at the 2014 Great Taste Awards, and have regularly been singled out as one of the UK’s most promising startups. Because Mallow and Marsh aren’t interested in churning out your typical pink-and-white, mass-produced marshmallow. Using only the highest quality ingredients and no additives or preservatives, these are marshmallows for people who appreciate quality over quantity, and don’t lose their cool over a game of chubby bunnies.

‘On a scale of jelly to nougat we sit as close to nougat as is marshmallowy possible.’

They’re certainly a firmer marshmallow than normal – more like compact squares of refined sweetness than the light-as-air versions which can sometimes feel as if you’re just breathing in sugar. However that’s not to say they don’t remain distinctly light and melt-in-the-mouth. In fact, I actually ended up refrigerating mine to try and ramp up the nougaty-ness and stop me from swallowing them whole.

This is particularly difficult with the roasted coconut. Lightly dusted in coconut flakes, these are so creamy they even recommend using in place of actual cream. I dunked mine in hot chocolate (so good) and while I’m not usually one for coffee, even I was easily convinced into having the Cappuccino marshmallows for breakfast (morning coffee?). But save some for later as the Peppermint and Dark Chocolate boast whole dark chocolate chips with a toothpaste-strong minty taste that – while admittedly an acquired taste – are surely 2015’s answer to the After Eight.

Vanilla and Raspberry are equally as morish. ‘Refreshingly rebellious and responsible for midnight raids’, the sweet juiciness of the Raspberry offers up your more classic sweet treat while the simplicity and subtlety of the Vanilla is so versatile and velvety soft it’s only weakness is being prone to vanishing.

But the best bit? At under 50 calories a square, Mallow and Marsh have managed to go gourmet without the calories that go with it. And these aren’t the sort of exclusive treats that can only be found at Borough Market or some independent wholefood store in Devon. With a six month shelf-life that far exceeds your typical handmade marshmallow, Mallow and Marsh are stocked in over 80 Sainsbury’s Locals across greater London, as well as Sourced Market, Bayley & Sage, Fisher & Co, Harrisons, Chegworth Farm Shop (and many others). The only real problem is getting them before everyone else gets there first.

Find out more/buy yours now at: 


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