NEW Product: PROPERCORN Sour Cream & Black Pepper

I’ve always loved PROPERCORN. Gluten-free, GM-free and all-round guilt-free, these are one of those genuinely healthy snacks that are low in calories but big on flavour. It’s popcorn done properly, and who can complain about that.

Out of the four flavours currently available, my favourite has always been Sour Cream & Chive. For two years we have enjoyed a reliable and committed relationship (even 24 free packets of Portlebay Popcorn weren’t enough to sway me), then one day this week I received an email from PROPERCORN with this as the subject heading:  Goodbye Sour Cream & Chive … Hello Sour Cream & Black Pepper

Understanding my need for an explanation, PROPERCORN promised “we haven’t changed the product beyond recognition; the new recipe has been created really carefully to retain all the best bits of Sour Cream & Chive and create an even more delicious PROPERCORN flavour.” And, as should be the way with all break-ups, a free packet was sent to soften the blow.

Unfortunately on tasting the new Sour Cream & Black Pepper, it felt more like being fobbed off with Chive’s perfectly-pleasant, but ultimately less-appealing, twin brother. Removing the chive has removed half the flavour, too much for any basic seasoning to compete with, and the hand-popped kernels are now too inoffensive to ever cause any real reaction. Don’t get me wrong: I polished off the bag by the handful. But whereas I would normally have been licking my fingers into the salty speckled-green corners of the packet, this time I struggled to get hold of any real flavour at all – let alone enough to lose my manners over.

Would I buy this flavour again? Probably not. But only because I know what I’m missing out on. Newcomers to PROPERCORN will no doubt applaud the moreish kernels, fresh-tasting flavours and ridiculously low calories (just 88 kcal a packet), because this is all true. I just think I’ll have to turn to my second love – Fiery Worcester Sauce & Sun-Dried Tomato – to reheat my love for PROPERCORN once again.

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