Tried & Tested: Kabuto Instant Noodles

They say Kabuto’s not your average noodle. Healthy, filling and packed full of flavour, these Asian-inspired instant noodles are certainly a guilt-free solution to lunch-on-the-go, and rightfully deserve their title as ‘the posh pot noodle’.

Made from quality natural ingredients (with no nasty additives or preservatives), there are seven different Kabuto Noodle dishes available with the company introducing two gluten-free recipes just last summer. Great news for all of us on a gluten-free diet, even better when you know they’re low in calories (just 260-280 kcal a pot) and only need a kettle to cook.

Often when taste-testing it’s easy to get caught up in the novelty of a new product so I was pleased to receive six of each flavour (Chicken and Miso) allowing plenty of opportunity to decide whether they’re worth the (seemingly reasonable) £1.99 price tag. This generous supply also meant I had little excuse not to share them around, and there were plenty of eager volunteers wanting to try a desk-lunch that didn’t leave them broke, bloated or bored by every mouthful.

Admittedly the idea of adding boiling water to dehydrated noodles and seasonings isn’t ever going to be the most tempting of meals, but Kabuto Noodles are not Pot Noodles and the design team have done a pretty good job in reminding us of their commitment to an authentic ‘Way of the Noodle’.

Inside the contents are slightly less visually appealing but as my mum so eloquently put it: “They look gross but taste delicious”. They’re certainly more substantial than I’d expected, the flat rice noodles bringing a good few forkfuls of substance to the otherwise light and well-seasoned broth. The chicken has a warming heat with crispy fried onion and slithers of cooked chicken adding texture, whereas the dried mushrooms and leeks of the miso bring out the fresh, Asian flavours and delicate pleasing saltiness. So would I buy Kabuto Noodles again? Definitely. And so would all my other taste-testers. Because it’s hard enough to find a lunch that’s both as good to eat as it is good for you, and when it can be stashed in your desk and prepared in under 4 minutes? My only regret is not keeping all twelve pots for myself.

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