Tried & Tested: Mr Vikki’s Hot Chilli Sauces

In our house seasoning means three things: salt, pepper and chilli. There’s rarely a meal that doesn’t get a good dousing of chilli flakes, and it’s not uncommon for one of us to end up in tears.

Thankfully, such masochist eating behaviours are actually pretty healthy. Capsaicin, an active component of chili peppers, is credited with a number of cardiovascular and health benefits. From fighting inflammation and reducing blood cholesterol, to boosting immunity and helping prevent stomach ulcers and the spread of prostate cancer, chilli is one of those magical, medicinal ingredients that will actually do you good by eating it – and even help you lose weight in the process.

All in all, a little burn seems like a fair compromise for all that good stuff going on inside – and it seems the expert agree. With 69 Great Taste Awards to its name, Mr Vikki’s is a small, bespoke Indian Pickle producer in the Lake District, creating 100% natural, unique recipes that contain no wheat or dairy.

Chillies really are the star of the show, with every product rated on a special ‘Heat O’Meter’ and even the website mocked up like a health and safety warning.

King Naga is probably the hottest pickle in the range, with Naga Chillies (one of the hottest chilli peppers ever measured) making up a massive 80% of this 110ml jar.


What’s surprising is that it actually tastes pretty good too. Mustard seeds, pulpy garlic, vinegar and vegetable oil create a pleasing pickle texture and unexpected depth of flavour, perfectly setting up the steady warmth and lip-tingling heat. In 2010 it was named the winner of the National Chilli Awards and costing just £3.50 a jar, this is a supremely high quality product sure to leave any chilli lover panting.

Another flavour big-hitter is Mr Vicki’s Garlic Pickle. Containing 80% garlic, there’s no hiding from the whole chunks of raw garlic cloves, but the addition of Indian spices soften the edge and give a warmth that’s so tasty you really won’t care about how bad your breath is going to be. 

A winner of multiple Great Taste Awards, Mr Vicki’s Hot Banana Habanero might have take four years to perfect – but it was worth the wait.  The sweet and sour notes of fresh banana, fresh ginger and vinegar combine with fiery Habanero chillies for a deliciously fresh, wonderfully unique chutney that’s sure to transform any dull sandwich to unimaginable heights.


Because healthy food doesn’t have to mean plain food, and Mr Vikki’s really does bring a whole new level of heat to healthy eating. Chilli heads, welcome home.

Click here to find your local stockist or buy online from Mr Vikki’s website. 

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