Tried & Tested: Elena’s Gluten Free Way

Importing and distributing the highest quality gluten free products from Italy, Elena’s Gluten-Free Way stock two brands of premium gluten-free pasta brands, Dialsi and Piaceri, in 18 different varieties. Exciting stuff when compared to your normal choice of penne/fusilli/tagliatelle/spaghetti, and even more impressive when you see the prices.

Ranging from £1.50 – £2.75 per pack, this is high-end Italian produce with competitive supermarket price tags – all gluten-free and all without even having to leave the house.

I tried a selection of the pastas on sale and was surprised at how much I prefer the more unusual shapes to the dried pastas I typically buy. Like penne? Try rigatoni. Fan of the fusilli? Discover caserecce. Feel safe with spaghetti? Branch out with pappardelle.

In Italy coeliac disease is taken extremely seriously and this translates into top-quality gluten-free products that are uncompromising on both taste and texture. The pasta from Elena’s Gluten Free Way is not only far better than any other gluten-free variety I’ve tried, the range and results are a real improvement on home-cooked pasta in general – even the standard shapes far superior to any high street brand I’ve found.

Dialsi Gluten Free Gnocchetti (£2.50)

Made exclusively with flour that contains no additives or gluten stabilizers, all of the Dialsi pastas are slowly dried at a low temperature helping preserve the nutritional qualities of the raw ingredients with a bronze die giving the pasta a rough texture, allowing a sauce to cling to it after 8-12 minutes cooking time. The Piaceri range is similarly concerned with quality. All the pastas are egg-free, milk-free and gluten-free using a variety of chickpea, brown rice, white and yellow corn flour, ingredients specifically chosen for their ability to greatly enhance the taste of a sauce. Such concern for sauce-suitability is really quite eye-opening. I not only feel encouraged to match each pasta to the sort of sauce it’s intended for, but trust the pasta to be a dish in itself – no longer sidelined to the back seat of whatever meat-heavy dish I’m making.

It’s this respect for pasta as a stand-alone ingredient which makes Italian cooking so superior and yet, thanks to Elena, now there really is a way us Brits can get in on the good stuff too. Because nothing is more comforting than a big old bowl of pasta, and when it’s gluten-free, additive-free and as affordable as this, there’s no denying that pasta really is king of the carbs.

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