Featured Product: Clearly Scrumptious

Now that health experts have doubled the five-a-day official guideline for fruit and veg, meeting this huge ten-portion daily recommendation is less about substituting ‘bad food’ with ‘good food’, but eliminating the bad stuff altogether – and introducing fruit and vegetables by the bucketload.

Eating between meals is often criticised for causing unnecessary weight gain, but what’s at fault is less the behaviour of snacking but the snacks themselves. Research by the The Center for Science in the Public Interest found that snacks play a major and growing role in children’s diets and between 1977 and 1996, the number of calories consumed by each childs snacking increased by 120 calories per day. Snacking has, quite justifiably, developed a bad image and the range of ‘fat-free’, ’light’ and so-called healthy pick-me-ups that line our supermarkets’ shelves do nothing to help the cause. What we need is properly healthy, 100% natural snacks that offer a genuine and appealing alternative to your stand alone piece of fruit or vegetables.

Introducing: Clearly Scrumptious. Creating a brand of ‘nibbles that do what they say’, this healthy treat company cleverly packages up fruit as nature intended, but in a way that tastes like sweets, has the packet-appeal of crisps, and all at under 100 calories.

There are currently four flavours available: apple, cranberries, golden berries, strawberries. Each 30g bag of 100% natural fruit has been carefully dried to a ‘really low moisture level’ while retaining all the natural energy, vitamins and juicy flavours of the fruit.  They’re suitable for vegetarians, vegans and celiacs – and I couldn’t wait to give them a go.

First up: apple. The texture of these cored and dried apple wedges is more like a chew than a crisp, with a subtlety to the flavour that’s sweet without being sickly. We found the the slight tang and seediness of the golden berries slightly off-putting, but couldn’t get enough of the sweet cranberries and strawberries. Just imagine a jelly tot without the sugar coating – and the comedown.

They’re also brilliantly versatile. Whether added to cereal, porridge or topped on ice cream, the simplicity of ingredients means they can be used just as you would any other fruit, and when frozen they harden up into deliciously chewy bites of sweety-like goodness. While both ticked boxes on flavour,

All in all, Clearly Scrumptious really are nibbles that do what they say.  Undeniably healthy, 100% natural and, quite clearly, scrumptious.

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