Featured Product: Nims Fruit Crisps

I was recently asked to write an article about the best-tasting crisps under 100 calories. Obviously a fair amount of research was involved (ahem, eaten) and while I had no problem undertaking such a task, a week spent scoffing crisps, no matter how low on calories, was always going to have its drawbacks. The state of my skin being a case in point.

In fact the only crisps I didn’t feel guilty for polishing off were Nims Fruit Crisps, which are essentially just fruit re-invented in crisp-form. Six types of fruit (pineapple, orange, strawberry, mango, kiwi and apple) sliced, air-dried and packaged up with plenty of crisp-like crunch and 100% natural fruity goodness. All the skin, core and pips are left in, meaning each packet counts towards one of your seven-a-day* and, at 57-75 kcal per bag, there’s really no reason to stop at just one.

There’s certainly nothing new about fruit crisps, nor dried fruit in general, but Nims Fruit Crisps are so wafer-thin and, well, crispy, it’s no surprise they were recognised as Official Partners of Change4Life. Because these crisps aren’t just healthy, they’re properly flavoursome too. They’ve even been designed with kids in mind, Nim (Nimisha Raja) a single mother and entrepreneurial cafe owner who developed the fruit crisps after noticing a lack of healthy treats available for children’s lunchboxes. It’s a bright, colourful and all-round appealing approach to the traditional crisp that has seen Nims awarded two Great Taste Awards and a Free From Food Award.

For me apple is the only flavour that’s really worth sacrificing a potato for. The pleasing texture bursts out with an orchard of natural sweetness and fills your mouth with a long-lasting taste that’s surprisingly filling for 66 calories. Pineapple and mango also work well and when frozen offer a great healthy topping for natural yoghurt or ice cream. Unfortunately orange is less successful, the rind leaving a sour bitterness that has you questioning whether it is in fact just a (very pretty) packet of inedible potpourri.

So stick to apple (pineapple if you’re feeling adventurous) and make the most of what Nims does best: simplicity. Gluten-free, fat-free, great tasting apple crisps that last longer and won’t clog up your arteries in the process. What could be better.

*It’s seven a day now, keep up.



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