Featured Product: Easy Bean Chickpea Crispbreads

Made with nutty-tasting chickpea flour and buttermilk from their local farm, Easy Bean’s handmade chickpea crispbreads are naturally gluten-free and sprinkled with toasted seeds for that all-important crunch. Available in three flavours (seeds and black pepper, moroccan spice and mung bean and olive), the clean but colourful packaging has a handcrafted feel that allows the natural, wholesome ingredients to shine through. It’s a pretty smart affair in general, with the sort of artisan appeal you’d expect to find on the shelf of any delicatessen or high-end food store – it’s no surprise Waitrose is the only major supermarket yet to stock it.

It’s also important not to confound Easy Bean with the likes of Ryvita. The chickpea flour used in Easy Bean’s Crispbreads mean they don’t taste like cardboard to start. And, luckily, they’re not putting up such a pretense either. These crispbreads aren’t intended to be drowned in soup or hidden under sandwich toppings. Easy Bean have already got lunch sorted with their one-pot meals, and these gourmet Chickpea Crispbreads offer the sort of guilt-free snack we all often need to see us through the day. It’s healthy food that’s certainly not rabbit food, and it’s obviously impressed the folks at the Guild of Fine Food with the company winning a Great Taste Award last year.

Because Easy Bean might be a small-time company from Somerset, but they’ve got a whole lot of love for the bean – and they really do care about their food. Founder, MD and all-round bean-fiend, Christina Baskerville, is on a mission to give beans the culinary status they deserve, and she’s doing a damn good job of making food that’s as delicious as it is healthy. Easy Bean’s one-pot ready meals are already a big success and I’ve no doubt the Chickpea Crispbreads will fly off the shelves just as quickly.

Viva la bean, indeed.

Available from: Waitrose, Ocado, Booths and a number of local food stores. Click here for stockists


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